18 maggio 2020


Gregorianum College, in addition to accommodation, offers a variety of different services; annual payments include:

  • an on-site cafeteria which offers weekly services from Monday to Friday including breakfast, lunch and dinner (but it also gives the possibility to choose only breakfast and dinner with no lunch service);
  • room cleaning services once a week made by hired personnel ( common bathrooms and public spaces are cleaned every day);
  • advanced languages courses (from level B1 to level C2)  held by native-speaking teachers, including the possibility of having the final certification paid for;
  • a service of academic assistance that provides the discussion and the check of the study plan with the Director and the support of internal tutors (graduates who are experts in the respective area) that put their time at the disposal of younger students to face the troubles and adversities that academic studies present;
  • a formative and educational personalized project for each student throughout the year with accompaniment by the Spiritual Assistant for personal growth and to help manage the time in the residence.